Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has declared a unilateral cease-fire to Ukraine fighting on past Orthodox Holy Days. He could do it again.

According to Reuters, the IAEA nuclear watch dog group is scheduled to discuss recent happenings around the Zaporizhzia nuclear power plant. Could the result of these talks form a factual basis for both sides of the conflict to close ranks around the idea of finally ending the war in Eastern Europe?

Both sides have denied involvement in alleged drone attacks on the reactor while the reactor itself remains operational. Yet, confidential notes allegedly seen by Reuters describe the meeting scheduled for April 11th as “extraordinary”.

Eastern Orthodox Easter falls two weeks after the Western World celebrates the holiday; and it just so happens, if the IAEA is able to have a productive discussion around the who, what, where, when, why of Zaporizhzhia, then Orthodox Easter may turn out to be a perfect opportunity to finally end the fighting that has for more than a decade dragged on as a low level kinetic conflict and sparked hot and heavy in February 2022.

The last time President Vladimir Putin called for a truce was at the behest of Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. It occurred over the Eastern Orthodox Nativity on January 5th 2023.

Reuters – UN nuclear watchdog’s board sets emergency meeting after Zaporizhzhia attacks

Mr. George Artem is an America’s Future, Spring 2024 Writing Fellow. Mr. Artem holds a Master of Science, Information Systems from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business and fondly remembers spending many peaceful summers in the Kiev, Odessa and Crimea regions of Ukraine.

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