The first day of the #WSRP #WAGOP State Convention would have fallen into absolute chaos yesterday had it not been for the surgical and decisive parliamentary work of the Bird for Governor delegation and the even hand of the convention chair and Washington State Representative Jim Walsh.

WSRP delegates when they heard the “rumors” concerning the candidate committee report on Day One of the WSRP Convention

A motion from Bird delegate Matt Bumala to amend the 11th hour #wsrp candidate committee report disqualifying Mr. Semi Bird was passed on the floor and reinstated him to the delegates’ gubernatorial endorsement ballot. By the end of the day, Mr. Bird was the only Republican seeking the state party’s endorsement.

Bird delegates celebrate their motion during Day One of the WSRP Convention in Spokane

Meanwhile, in the past week, convention delegates have been flooded with emails from the Trump campaign to vote for a “Trump Approved” slate of delegates to send to Milwaukee. Somehow, former President Donald Trump, despite being stuck in a court room dealing with his own legal battles, seems to think he should take credit for what transpired on the convention floor yesterday.

The truth is, the former President had NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH IT.

The Bird for Governor campaign has to date been a true grass roots movement. In fact, it has been the Trump people reaching out to Mr. Bird demanding his loyalty to the former President. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

To his credit, as I have mentioned in the previous articles linked below, in my time following the Bird campaign from the 37th LD caucus – to the King County GOP – and now here in Spokane – Mr. Bird has to date committed to “staying in his own little lane”.

His intuition is perfect. Because Washington State and the Republican Party as a whole really does have a “Trump problem” – we heard echoes of our home grown “Washington First” agenda in some of the speeches from #wsrp candidates yesterday. I hope that continues into day two of the convention.

Gubernatorial candidate Mr. Semi Bird surrounded by media after Day One of the WSRP Convention.

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Mr. George Artem is an America’s Future, Spring 2024 writing fellow and holds a Master of Science, Information Systems from the University of Washington. Mr. Artem is caucusing for the first time with the Washington State Republican Party and ran for the Seattle City Council 4th District seat as an Independent in 2023. Mr. Artem is also a member of the Seattle recovery community and writes on topical spiritual and political matters impacting the world. In 2020 Mr. Artem published the first edition of his book “Mania” with Newman Springs Publishing.

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