Dear Mr. President:

Stop the radicals in your own party from continuing to tear this country apart; turn the temperature down in the room and save yourself and your colleagues in the Senate from a lot of grief in November by putting us all back to sleep.

No trial. No vote. If Secretary Mayorkas doesn’t resign himself, then march Ms. Jean-Pierre in front of the White House press corps and move on to someone who is willing to acknowledge the problems at the Southern border and is willing to, at least act like, they will do something about it. After all, for all that she’s done for you, Ms. Jean-Pierre deserves a win too.

Of course, this kind of bold, and unilateral move would negate any argument your party thinks it has for attempting to prosecute the former President after he has left office; but that was always a long shot, and unlikely to fly in front of the conservative High Court from the beginning. Don’t you think?

So, Mr. President, even though you may make yourself unpopular for a short time amongst just a few donors and possibly some others in your cabinet and inner circle, if you want any shot at winning re-election, and preserving your colleagues’ seats in the Senate, then this may be the only right thing to do.

Bring us all back together like we know you can. Do what’s right for yourself, for your party and for the Country. Take us all a few steps back from the proverbial brink of Civil War. You are after all the President of the United States and it’s within your power to do so. Is it not?

Mr. George Artem holds a Master of Science, Information Systems from the University of Washington and is an America’s Future Spring 2024 Writing Fellow. George returned to Seattle after his 1L year at New England Law | Boston and completed a service year with the Washington Stated Department of Veterans Affairs, AmeriCorps program. Today, George serves veterans at the Shoreline Veterans Center where he helps run a drug and alcohol recovery program for previously unhoused service members and is a member of the Seattle recovery community.

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