George Artem - Founding President

Duty to Disclose - March 17, 2021

To those of you who voted in the Space Law Society elections, and to those of you that voted to ratify our organization in the Student Bar Association, thank you for your vote of confidence in the inaugural NELB Space Law Society Executive Board. I am both deeply honored and humbled by the privilege of being a small part of brining the Space Law community to NELB.

We are living in both exciting and tumultuous times. The questions surrounding space and the law are vast and paramount. As the human race endeavors into the vast unknown, space stretches our need to understand the sciences, the law, our humanity, and our individual human relationships with the world governments that control critical access to the space domain and countless others

As I alluded in my letter of intent to the Space Law Society membership, I am of the view that we cannot embark on this journey in good faith without first raising the generational questions surrounding potentially vast government information suppression schemes in this and other arenas. As President of the Space Law Society Executive Board, I will endeavor to bring you what I find, through my own rigorous inquiry, to be the facts; and as a sceptic or a believer you may draw your own conclusions.

As we have seen in the months leading up to and following the inauguration of President Biden, the civil law, as delineated by the well-known “Twiqbal” cases, largely leaves any official factual inquiry into allegations of conspiracy and parallel conduct to the discretion of the courts; the pleasure of appointed government commissions; and freedom of information act officers and their higher ups.

To that vein, believers that the United States and other world governments have been involved in a vast information suppression scheme with relation to outer space since at least the time of the Roswell “event”, have been left to wonder about the existence of stellar civilizations; and whether our government has been telling the truth about such creatures and our relationships with them, without any actual recourse that would meet the investigative and evidential rigors of court ordered discovery

It has been nearly seventy-four years since the facts surrounding the Roswell “event” have been obfuscated by the government through various information classification schemes, designed to protect the inner workings of government from the general public, and perhaps in part to protect the general public from the inner workings of government.

If you choose to join me along this path, you must ask yourself the fundamental question of whether people exist to serve governments, or if governments exist to serve the people. In my view, it must surely be the latter; and I am therefore of the view that governments must owe the people a duty to disclose the true facts surrounding our collective human knowledge of life beyond our present understanding.

While Space Law offers many other paths of inquiry, no real inquiry of Space Law would be complete without a serious investigation of stellar disclosure. As a way to start this lengthy process, I would like to add the following internet news articles to the official NELB Space Law Society record.

Yahoo News

Yediot Israel

Jerusalem Post

Santa Monica Observer

Thank you once again for your vote of confidence. As we proceed with unveiling our programming for the remaining spring semester, over the summer and into the coming academic year, I will be updating this body with what I am able to uncover through my own investigations and leaving a public record for anyone that might wish to follow me on this journey

For now, I leave you with the long-forgotten words of Lysander Spooner:

"Law is an intelligible princple of right, necessarily resuliting from the nature of man; and not an arbitrary rule, that can be established by mere will, numbers or power."

Lysander Spooner - The Unconstitutionality of Slavery: Chapter I - What is Law?

Sincerely yours,

George Artem

NELB Space Law Society Founding President

JD Candidate, New England Law Boston

Master of Science Information Systems, University of Washington


One Devonshire Place, Boston, MA 02109