If anyone remembers the Jodie Foster movie or has followed the “Mandela Effect” experiment on the internet, individual personnel at NASA may soon for the first time in forever be ready to admit that at least two parallel universes exist today. The first exists in reality, the second exists in your mind, all the others exist somewhere in between.

In the future, the gap between these will widen through technology, and you may never end up seeing the world the way it really is without stepping out of your own little matrix. Tesla, as you already know has some very S3XY things going on.

The people visiting the Tesla store and the Cyber Truck in person seem to be in awe of it and all the rest of the Tesla tech.

People that come to see it in Bellevue Square seem to want it. It gives them something to aspire to – a reason for working, a reason to succeed, and a reason for being themselves and a basic pride in being human. Despite the fact that it’s popular nowadays, until Elon critics are able to get out of their own matrix bubble things will never change for them. They’ll continue being Elon critics and Elon will continue being Elon. To actually criticize Tesla you have to dig a bit deeper.

Tesla seems to be consciously separating the technology from the consumer, furthering the divide between the actual reality and the reality that exists within our own minds. The more separated we become from the actual cost of doing business, the actual cost of service, the actual cost of inputs and processes that make our economy tick, the more separated we become from what we might all call “base” reality. That is bad.

The maintenance on the Cyber Truck is going to require the technician to have a basic knowledge of computer code in order to make it work. Not everybody has or wants to have that. It’s also super impractical for truck guys. For example, based on the picture below, how in the heck are you supposed to get tools in and out of it?

For technology enthusiasts, Tesla has a few other areas of interest people might want to look into to learn more about the company and its technology. Those are the “Tesla Heat Pump” the “Plaid Driving Unit” the “Autopilot Camera” and the “Full Self Driving” or FSD computer.

In summary, what all of this boils down to for me is that Bellevue exists in a completely different universe from Seattle. The gap between the two cities couldn’t be more obvious, and it comes down to who runs them and how. Viewing the Cyber Truck in person sparked the inspiration for this write up, so if you’re an Elon critic and haven’t seen it in person. Just do it. Collect your thoughts and get back to me.

Mr. George Artem is an America’s Future Spring 2024 Writing Fellow and holds a Master of Science, Information Systems from the University of Washington. He is passionate about the way technology impacts the human race and life on planet Earth.

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